Detailed instructions for creating a resume on FindQuick

Detailed instructions for creating a resume on FindQuick


Check in. Registration is very simple and does not take much time. Only 3 fields are required:

New user

Log in to your account. Immediately after registration, you can enter your personal account and in order to fully use the site you need to fill out the profile data. On the left menu, select "Edit Profile" and on the edit page fill in all the fields!

Edit profile

Now you have a ready-made profile with which you can work (post free ads, create your resume, save the necessary ads in your account (add to bookmarks), place advertising banners.)

Profile saved


The resume is created in three stages, first, on the first tab of "Dati Pesonali" you need to fill out personal data and a brief description of yourself, nature, interests:

Findquick Curriculum Vitae Dati personali

After that, you can click on the save button, but FindQuick recommends filling in the same data on education, skills, work experience. Therefore, go to the tab "Educazione"

Findquick Curriculum Vitae Educazione

Well, the last step is to fill in the data on the tab "Esperienza di lavoro"

Findquick Curriculum Vitae Esperienza di lavoro

Well, your ready-made resume with complete data for the employer is ready! After saving, the "Preview" buttons will appear so that you can see how everything turned out, and "Download / Print" after clicking on which the resume will open in a new window in .pdf format and it can be downloaded or printed right from the browser! Also, a resume can be simply turned off and then it will not be displayed on the site, or left turned on and it will be visible to everyone, but at the same time personal and contact details will be visible only to registered users!