What is FindQuick and why is it needed?

Hello dear reader. I want to explain very clearly why and why FindQuick was created, what key functions it has, and why this project needs to be used. I hope after reading you, like others, you will become an active user of the site. So let's go ...

First of all, I want to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the FindQuick project is completely free, the main language of the site is Italian, but the site has multilingualism, if you are not Italian, then you can switch to your native language, each user is completely independent and there are no intermediaries for direct and fast real-time messenger between users was created!

Key site features

  1. MULTI-LANGUAGE. Three main languages ​​are currently configured on the site: Italian, English, Russian. With a large number of user queries, other languages ​​may appear. Multilingualism allows you to reach a wider audience of consumers, potential customers. Especially if the company cooperates with organizations of other countries. Also in Italy there are a huge number of people speaking other languages, which means it will be easier for them to find and learn about services and / or goods.
  2. CATEGORIES. A huge number of categories allows you to cover the maximum number of interests: real estate, transport, services, goods; eat, purchase / sale, exchange; travels. Any organization will be able to work in these and many other directions on FindQuick and various announcements will be able to be published!
  3. ADVERTISING COMPANY. No site that is very popular does not allow you to run an advertising company on it for free. FindQuick it provides! Any user registered as a legal entity will be able to create his own advertising company absolutely free of charge with a link to his personal website or to the advertisement / vacancy page for a period of 30 days. This advertising company is displayed on the main page of the site and indexed by search robots, which means that they will find you!
  4. VACANCIES. If the organization needs workers, then you can create a vacancy that will be posted on the site and everyone who needs a job can easily find it. In the main top menu of the site there is an item “Jobs” where all active vacancies will be displayed. Also nearby is the “User Summary” item with all created resumes from users that can be viewed and downloaded / printed in pdf format
  5. SUMMARY. Each ordinary user can easily create their own beautiful presentable resume, which can be printed, downloaded to a computer in .pdf format, sent by mail, attached to the message form for the vacancy. It will also be displayed in the general list of all resumes on the User Summary page, but you can turn off its display in the general list if you wish!
  6. MESSENGER. Real-time messaging system. All users, without exception, have access to the messenger, without any restrictions in messages and so on. The messenger is designed specifically to save time! Of course, you can write an email or call, but the user does not always publish his number, or he can not always answer, and for the frequent part we need to find out certain details right away. This is exactly what the messenger was implemented for!

There are no intermediaries on the FindQuick website; all contacts between users occur directly. When publishing any information, the author’s contact details are always published!